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BLOODHOUND’s monthly newsletter, with the latest news about the Project and the build of the Car

BLOODHOUND SSC – a supersonic racing car designed to reach speeds of 1,000mph (1,600km/h).

Welcome to BLOODHOUND’s monthly newsletter, with the latest news about the Project and the build of the Car. Check out our website at for more information, videos and images.
BLOODHOUND Expo2 _pic credit Stefan Marjoram


UK runway tests and South Africa dates announced!

The BLOODHOUND Project has announced the dates on which the Car will make its initial runs in the UK and then make its first world land speed record run in South Africa. BLOODHOUND SSC will make its first 200mph test runs at the Aerohub, Newquay airport, around Easter 2016. The Team will deploy to Hakskeenpan in South Africa in the summer of 2016 and aim to set their first record of 800mph on 15 October 2016 – the 19th anniversary of Thrust SSC’s record-breaking run.
BLOODHOUND makes its world debut


BLOODHOUND made its world debut in London on 24 September, followed by a two-day public expo which saw 10,000 people visit us in Canary Wharf, London, to see the Car and meet the team. The Car was initially revealed to sponsors and guests, and then to supporters from all over the country in its record attempt configuration, but without the bodywork on one side so that everyone could see components such as the supercharged Jaguar V8 engine that will be used to pump oxidiser into the rocket.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to see the Car and to thank our sponsors who made the event possible – Rolex, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Castrol EDGE, Nammo and NatWest.

Everyone in the BLOODHOUND Team, including many of our Ambassadors, worked extremely hard to make this event possible. But we’d like to give a special mention to Arthur Spriggs & Sons Ltd who expertly transported the Car safely to and from our Technical Centre in Bristol and who moved it into place at our spectacular venue (and out again) without a single scratch!

If you were there, have a look at our photos and relive the day. If you didn’t make it, take the opportunity to see the Car in its near-finished state and see what we got up to.

Become a sponsor in race year

BLOODHOUND wouldn’t exist without its sponsors, who not only make it possible for us to build a world record-breaking Car but also allow us to inspire young people globally to explore STEM subjects through our Education programme.

As we head into the year that will see the Car being driven for the first time in both the UK and South Africa, we are actively looking for new sponsors of all sizes to join us, from Main Sponsors to SME and Composite Club level. If you or your company would like to get involved with this exciting global event, please get in touch with our sponsorship team to find out more.

Visit the Technical Centre

If you missed seeing the Car at BLOODHOUND Expo in London or would like to see it again, we are holding an open day at the BLOODHOUND Technical Centre for 1K Club members on Sunday 18 October. If you aren’t already a 1K Club member, join up now and then you can sign up for the event – but be quick, as tickets always go fast.

Find out more

Ambassadors tell of BLOODHOUND Expo

The BLOODHOUND Ambassadors play a vital role in the BLOODHOUND Project and the recent debut of the Car in London was no different. Some of our Ambassadors told us what the experience was like, including arriving early one day to find the Police having their photo taken by the Car! If their stories inspire you to join us as an Ambassador, you can find out more about the Ambassador programme on our website and then please sign up using the link on that page.

We’d like to thank all of our Ambassadors for their help and thank David Barker, Colin Matthews, Ian Northeast and Alan Frener for their stories.









Stockport is first Education HUB

Stockport College of Further Education, the STEM college for the area of Stockport and South Manchester, has become BLOODHOUND’s first education hub. Contracts were signed last week and will see Stockport become a strategic hub for the Greater Manchester area, with its team trained and accredited to deliver BLOODHOUND STEM workshops to local schools, act as a race hub for the model rocket car challenge and deliver model rocket car workshops. This will be the first of many such hubs across the country.









Big Bang @ Bucks

Alan Pearce, Gordon Short and Bruce McGrath represented the BLOODHOUND Project in Aylesbury at the Big Bang @ Bucks event for primary schools this summer. About 130 children were at the event and the team spoke to nearly all of them! Gordon and Bruce engaged the children with the chatterboxes and facts about the Car, while Alan spoke to the teachers about getting Ambassadors into the schools for assemblies, science clubs, etc. The children and teachers were very enthusiastic about BLOODHOUND – another successful event thanks to our great Ambassadors! If you’d like to become a BLOODHOUND Ambassador, you can find out more on our website.
Support BLOODHOUND by buying online

At the BLOODHOUND Expo event in London thousands of children had the chance to try out some of our educational experiences, including building and testing air rocket cars using K’Nex. If your children loved designing their own K’Nex car at BLOODHOUND Expo or would like to try it for the first time at home, check out our K’Nex BLOODHOUND model or 4-Wheel Drive Truck (£20 each), or choose the Intro Assortment (just £5) or the big 52 Model building tub set (£25).

And if you forgot to pick up anything else on sale at BLOODHOUND Expo, you’ll find it in our online shop.

Follow all the latest BLOODHOUND News on our Twitter and Facebook channels and check out all the latest Cisco BHTV episodes to see the science and technology that underpins the 1,000mph BLOODHOUND car.

BLOODHOUND Project October Newsletter

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